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On 21.10.2014

Van Wingerden International started working with Biobest and biocontrol 15 years ago. Sam Newsome a grower
at VWI is very familiar with the full array of biocontrol tools: beneficial insects and mites, bio-insecticides, banker
plants, etc. He has been determined to continuously expand the scope for biocontrol in his crops.

On 16.10.2014

Good news for Chinese vegetable-and fruit growers. Soon, they will be able to buy bumblebees for crop pollination from a local production plant. The bumblebees will be produced in Biobest’s brand new production facility in Shouguang, in the Shandong province. China is the world's number one tomato producer, with the largest crop area grown under protection.

On 24.09.2014

The experience of Exmora, a large ornamental grower from Skhirat on the Moroccan westcoast, demonstrates that Biobest’s NutrimiteTM is a game changer also under North-African growing conditions. A solid powerboost to the predatory mite A. swirskii, that’s what Exmora needed to finally declare victory on whitefly and other pests. Julien Bennani, Exmora’s general manager explains how Biobest helped his company achieve better and more economic pest control than frequent pesticide sprays.

On 22.09.2014

Biobest announced today at the AmericanHort plug and cutting conference the launch of a new product. The company’s ABS (Amblyseius cucumeris) mini-sachet will now be available in a version “on a stake”. The ABS mini-sachet, ideal for protection of individual plants, releases during several weeks the optimal dose of the highly effective thrips predator Amblyseius cucumeris.

On 15.09.2014

Biobest today announced the closing of the acquisition of 100 % of the shares of The Bug Factory. The Bug Factory has been Biobest’s exclusive distributor in Western Canada since 2003. The Bug Factory has also produced certain beneficials complementary to Biobest’s own product range and has served a number of customers in the US market.

On 26.08.2014

Yigit Greenhouse Co. is owned by Mr. Hamit Yigit and situated in Yozgat in Central Anatolia, about 180
km from Ankara. The company started in 2011 with 10 ha of high-tech greenhouses and expanded to
a current surface of almost 20 ha. The company grows different types of tomato and cucumber. Initially,
the growers relied entirely on chemical control.

On 20.08.2014

The Swiss company Magnin, member of a Swiss coop, added strawberries to its range of vegetable crops in 2008. They currently have about 1 ha of strawberries, both under glass and in open field. 

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